Accueil / If your horse is overweight....

It could be the result of the horse's feeding behaviour in a stabled environment.

Horses are trickle feeders, and in their natural habitat eat for  60% of their time, whereas the stabled horse spends on average only  10% of their time feeding.

This feeding behaviour can lead to obesity (and other conditions including gastric ulcers and laminitis).

What our customers say..

"Great service, great product, I love it, my horse loves it." 

"Just love the Forager! Easy to assemble and use. No wasted hay in bedding anymore. Would recommend to anyone!" 

"Excellent purchase - beds now a lot easier to muck out as very little waste and horses eating more and less waste generally!" 

"Easy to set up and has transformed how clean the box is in the morning, as well as cutting down on wastage. Cannot recommend highly enough.. Well done, the HayGain Team!!"

The unique Haygain Forager with its interchangeable Regulator Grids:

  • Imitates grazing behaviour and slows the pace at which horses eat
  • Encourages a natural feeding position and draining of the respirable tract
  • Promotes a healthy gut and reduces the risk of colic
  • Aids in the prevention of obesity, gastirc ulcers and laminitis
  • Also stops cross contamination of forage and bedding, saving time and money