Accueil / Effective removal of mold in hay

A recent study showed that bales of hay which were purified for 50 minutes in a Haygain hay steamer showed a dramatic improvement in hygenic quality with mold, fungi, yeast and bacteria all reduced by 99%.*

Extensively researched and tested at, among others, the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester, England, and evaluated by the Irish Equine Centre for Aspergillus, the Haygain hay steamer is the only scientifically proven method for purifying hay.

* Wyss U. and Prodervand, N. (2016) Steaming or Soaking, Agroscope Science. Nr 32, pg 32-33

What people say about Haygain steamers:

HG 600 :

"Fantastic. I have had my Haygain steamer just over 2 years and absolutely love it. If I give my horses dry hay it makes them cough but when they have steamed hay the coughing stops. I wouldn't be without it."

Why is it important to steam hay?

IAD is detrimental to the horse’s comfort and performance. But a recent study* found steaming hay using a Haygain hay steamer reduced the incidence by 63%.

Other benefits of a Haygain hay steamer include:

  • Kills mold, bacteria, fungal spores and mites
  • Retains the nutritional value of the hay
  • Improves the palatability of the hay
  • Is suitable for laminitic, colic-prone and post-operative horses

HG 2000 :

"Brilliant! Wish we had bought one sooner. The horses love it! Horses which you used to be on soaked hay for health reasons, do very well on the steamed hay. Very economical on water compared to soaking and so easy to use. Would never go back to soaking. A fantastic product, Thank You!"

* Scientific Research References:  
- American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, June 2016, “The Prevalence of Fungi in Respiratory Samples of Horses with Inflammatory Airway Disease” by Dr. J Dauvillier and Dr. E Westergren
- Journées de la Recherche Equine, March 2017, "Fréquence des moisissures dans les prélèvements respiratoires des chevaux atteints d'IAD" by Dr. J Dauvillier and Dr. E Westergren